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My Favorite Things

I have added links to some of my favorite tools I use for cookie decorating. If you have questions about other products, please feel free to e-mail me.


My Amazon storefront is full of great cookie tools and packaging. It's a great place for you to find everything to get started.


Jessica is my favorite human but she also designs the best cookie cutters and t-shirts. She offers digital products and packaging as well Follow her on Instagram for the best content.


These baking mats are the best in the biz. They help with spreading and make a perfectly baked cookie everytime.


These bag clips have just the right amount of room for your tipless bag.


I use this amazing Mexican Vanilla in both my cookie dough and icing. The best tasting!!


Bees Baked Art Supply has my favorite affordable tipless piping bags. I use the small and medium size.


The cookie countess has EVERYTHING. Airbrush supplies, tape sealer, meringue powder, paint palettes and more.


This airbrush machine is by far the best one I've used. Made in the US and you can buy all the parts from her should anything need replacing.

image_6483441 (13).JPG

I like to use these grease resistant boards in my mini packs to keep everything strait.

image_6483441 (17).JPG

This box is perfect for singles. The white box and slipcover are sold separately. I have linked the 4 inch box but there are different sizes.


Sarah from The Cookie Printable Shop has the best clear boxes for packaging. This 2 pack mini box is 2.75 by 4.75. It fits two 2inch cutters perfectly.

image_6483441 (26).JPG

This box is 5 3/8" x 1" x 7 1/2".  I like this size for this gift card option and 2 pack cookies. (About 3.5 to 4 inch cutters)


The sugar art master elites is a powdered food coloring that helps achieve those hard to get colors like red and black. I use the white to help prevent color bleed.


My favorite gel food color is from Americolor.


I use the 10in stretch loops for the 4 inch box above.


The cookie printable shop has adorable tags for packaging. Both digital and physical. 


Sweetleigh has some of the cutest designs for cookie cutter both digital and physical.


Lydia is the creator of the cookie swivel and the cookie bridge. Musts for decorating!! She also has a wide selection of cutter both physical and digital.

Sweet like G has amazing printables and some physical packaging for cookies.


Intricut Edibles has the best textured parchment sheets and they're reusable.


I buy my heat seal bags in bulk from the Paper Mart. Most common sizes are 4x6 and 5x7. Other sizes I order in smaller quantities and are in my amazon store front.


Crumbs Cutter Chocolate Cookie Recipe

Truly Mad Plastics has the most beautiful god I've ever seen.(non toxic but not FDA approved in US) I use The sugar art color solution to mix.


These are the boxes I use for my custom orders. I can fit up to 18 regular sized cookies in each box.


Best Font Sparkly

For more amazing products, please email me.

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