My Favorite Things

I have added links to some of my favorite tools I use for cookie decorating. If you have questions about other products, please feel free to e-mail me.

This projector is great for assisting in piping names, logos, etc. I like to use this as often as I can to keep designs on cookies consistent. 

If you follow this link, there is a projector stand bundled with this projector.

Having a heat sealer is a necessity if you're selling cookies in Texas. Under the cottage laws, "Your food must be packaged in your home kitchen in a way that prevents the product from becoming contaminated." 

This also keeps your cookies fresh for 3 to 4 weeks.

I highly recommend this rolling pin. You can change the thickness of your cookies with ease. You can also purchase additional sizes that will fit.

I bake my cookies on parchment paper so they slide right off and I don't risk damaging any cookies.

After making dough, I roll it out with the DoughEZ mat and then wrap the sheets in saran wrap before chilling in fridge. There is no need for extra flour that could possibly change the recipie of your cookie.

The stencil genie was created to hold your stencil while airbrushing. For me, it is much easier than using magnets.

Genies dream meringue powder is my favorite. I follow the recipe on the bag for royal icing.

COOKIE NIP!! This syrup flavoring gives the cookie(and tons of other things) a salted caramel vanilla flavor. It tastes so amazing. But you cannot use this in your icing. Cookie only.

These bags are perfect for heat sealing. This 3 by 11 size is the best for minis.

These bags are perfect for heat sealing. This is the size I use the most. If you follow this link, you can see other sizes as well. I also like the 5 by 7 for larger cookies like for holidays singles.

Paint your own cookies are a fun option for kids. These brushes are cheap and work great.

After I bake my cookies, I put them in these airtight containers until I start decorating them. It helps to keep them fresh. You can also freeze cookies in this container.

This was the very first airbrush I bought back in 2018 and I still have it. As long as you are cleaning your gun regularly, you should never have problems. This is a great option also because it comes with air brush colors.

These boxes are perfect for platters and DIY kits.

As part of the Texas cottage laws, you are required to have a list of allergens and your product information on everything that goes out. For me, purchasing a stamp was the most cost efficient, over stickers. This ink will stamp on anything including poly bags.

When packaging cookies in a bag whether it is a single or a bag of minis, the pre tied bow are the quickest way to make them look extra cute. If you follow the link, this brand has many different colors to choose from. Red is a good for Christmas, Valentines, and school options.

The best tool for me to mix icing is a small rubber spatula. I typically like to have several on hand so I can clean everything all at once.

The half sheet baking pans are what I use to bake my cookies on. The parchment sheets fit them perfectly. 

Americolor has the best variety of gel color and airbrush color. This kit here is perfect for starters. They also have several other color kits.

These are the Sweet Sugarbelle version of a boo boo stick. These are perfect for scraping off mistakes. The other end can be used as a scribe tool as well.

For more amazing products, please contact me about a private Facebook group I maintain