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Lauryn Kitchens

“Hey Babe, these are good.  You should try to sell some.”


Little did I know, that phrase from my husband over Christmas in 2017 would completely change my life plan.


After that Christmas, I slowly started taking orders and building my skill set.  With the support of some amazing friends and help from some talented mentors, I finally had enough confidence to quit my job and, most importantly, believe I could do this.


I could provide income to my family while doing something I love and providing joy to others all at the same time.  It was, and still is, a dream come true.


I now have a personal and professional mission to continue developing my skill set while creating the best-tasting and best-designed cookies from Grayson County. I split my cookie energy (it’s a real thing!) between holiday orders, custom orders, and my absolute favorite… teaching beginner classes to others on how to decorate cookies!

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